The Zen Room at Old School Studio

The Old School Studio reopens its doors

The Old School Studio has always been spotless and now has had considerable work done to improve it further. The floor is now highly polished and at the moment the decorators are painting it in eco friendly paint.

The floor will be marked with Om signs, 2 metres apart, to enable everyone to have a safe space to work.

The Yoga Room has all the equipment you need and you are welcome to use this, if you are not buying into fear, but until this surreal time is over, I would suggest that people bring their own yoga mat and a small towel to cover any blocks they use. The world Health Association very clearly suggests that the virus cannot live on surfaces but the attendance at these classes has to be at your own risk. There is plenty of hand sanitiser to use before and after the class. Also separate doors to enter and leave by.

If you have never practised yoga before you don’t have to tie yourself up in knots. It’s wonderful for mental and emotional health. We need to take time to cherish ourselves for an hour or so each week learning to unwind naturally and slowly in a safe and comfortable environment.

You will be taught to work gently, systematically and with awareness through progressive limbering exercises in preparation for the classical yoga postures, which stretch and revitalise the body, increase it’s potential for movement and release deep rooted tensions.

Breath control and awareness improves the circulation helping to promote calmness and mental strength.

Exercises in concentration, visualisation and both moving and quiet meditations will calm and focus the mind, helping to relieve stress thus enabling you to place everyday problems into perspective. We have many yoga, Pilates, meditation, dance classes to choose from.

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